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What is Health Check-up package ?

Health Check-up package

Why is Whole-Body Check-up ?

Are you looking whole body check-up blood test at Doorstep in Mysore? The first responsibility as a human for yourself is to stay healthy. Being healthy and disease free is what a person aims in order to live a good life. It is true that early diagnosis of many diseases can help cure that disease before it is too late. So, once in a while people must go through a whole-body check-up.

We are one of the leading preventive healthcare service providers at Doorstep, at a very reasonable price. we provide the Full body check-up in Mysore, blood test at Doorstep in Mysore.

We make sure that you receive the test report within 8 hours, reports are made available online and we also deliver reports at your Doorstep. Some specific tests take more time to generate reports like few days.

We provide the blood test for the Whole-Body check-up Thyroid, Blood-iron, Kidneys, Full Body check-up Test, Preventive Health check-up, Preventive Health Care, Blood-sugar levels, arthritis, heart risk, urine test and blood elements etc.

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