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What is Bio Chemistry ?

Bio Chemistry

Biochemistry is the study of chemical and biochemical components in the body for preventing, diagnosing and managing the disease. Diseases like diabetes, heart attacks, infertility, thyroid problems, cystic fibrosis and meningitis can be diagnosed by the examination of body fluids including blood, urine and CSF.

Clinical Biochemistry division at Ishta Diagnostics Mysore is a new generation laboratory featuring state-of-the-art equipment and technology. It provides comprehensive clinical laboratory services in the extensive domain of clinical chemistry, therapeutic drug monitoring, endocrinology and clinical toxicology. The department carries out a range of esoteric testing such as identification of haemoglobin variants and HbA1c quantification.

The experienced team of professionals at in Ishta Diagnostics Mysore– medical scientists, clinicians, laboratory technicians, technical assistants and phlebotomists – are capable of providing the medical and scientific expertise needed to deliver hi-precision results.

We have fully automated, advanced biochemistry and immunoassay analysers in Ishta Diagnostics Centre, that are able to do all routine biochemistry and hormone assays accurately and quickly. We run a stringent quality control program to ensure our test results are accurate, precise and quickly delivered.

The Department of Biochemistry performs a wide range of diagnostic tests for both inpatients and outpatients. The department consists of a new generation laboratory, fully equipped with the latest state of the art technology.


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